Alejandro Valverde hit by a hit-and-run car

According to El País, the Spanish cyclist Alejandro Valverde, 42 years old, was run over this Saturday at noon along with another colleague when he was riding his bicycle on the RM-560 road that joins Alcantarilla and Javalí Viejo, in Murcia.

According to eyewitnesses and has advanced La Opinion de Murcia the vehicle would have run over the cyclists, leaving them lying on the road and fleeing.

Several members of the Murcia Local Police and an ambulance from the Emergency and Health Emergencies Management 061 have traveled to the scene of the events.

The doctors have treated the three athletes there, whose condition is not serious, and have transferred them to the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital, where, after several X-rays and scans, possible fractures and internal bleeding have been ruled out.

The Movistar team has issued a statement in which they have confirmed what happened: “Alejandro Valverde and one of his usual training partners have been involved this Saturday in an incident when they were riding around Alcantarilla (Murcia).

Both are fine, with no fractures or other serious injuries. Alejandro is going to remain under observation for 24 hours to verify his condition and then he will be discharged.”

Alejandro himself has published a photo on networks from the hospital thanking the encouragement.

"I want to thank you all for the support and shows of affection that I received today 🙌🏼 Luckily everything has been a scare and I'm fine 👍🏼" commented the cyclist.

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