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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Alex Yee Wins in Kitzbuhel and Runs as Favorite for Gold in Paris

Alex Yee continues to reap success after its recent victory in the European Cup in Kitzbuhel.

This victory is nothing more than confirmation of his excellent form, after also dominating in the Cagliari World Series, where he surpassed figures such as the Olympic champion Kristian Blummenfelt and the bronze medalist in Tokyo, Hayden Wilde.

In Cagliari, Yee He demonstrated his quality, especially in the foot race, a segment in which Wilde managed to maintain the pace until the last moments but finally gave in to the British's push.

Blummenfelt, for his part, suffered misfortune with a puncture during cycling, which relegated him to thirty-first place. These results emphasize that Yee, at 26 years old, is ready to challenge the Norwegian “bull” in the upcoming events, especially at the Paris Olympic Games.

Saturday in Kitzbuhel, Yee He underwent authentic “quality training,” facing competition without rivals of his caliber.

He completed the test with a time of 31:55 minutes, ahead of Euan De Nigro from Italy already Brayden Mercer from Australia, who finished with times of 32:06 and 32:15 respectively.

Yee He now aspires to the golden double in Paris, both in the men's individual event on July 30 and in the mixed relay event on August 5.

His upward trajectory and the maturity shown in recent competitions make him one of the main candidates for gold, which will undoubtedly capture the attention of fans and experts in the coming months.

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