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Alex Yee wins the World Triathlon Series in Cagliari 2024

Today, in an exciting day of triathlon, the British Alex Yee won the World Triathlon Series in Cagliari 2024.

In a competition marked by the high competitiveness and level of the participants, Yee demonstrated his cathility in the foot race that was decisive in achieving victory.

The first to come out of the water was the Spanish Alberto Gonzalez Garcia placeholder image, who completed the swim in 18:29, closely followed by the Italian Alessio Crociani just a second apart, and the French Pierre Le Corre to three seconds.

The difference between the top 10 in this segment was minimal, with the tenth placed, Márk Dévay, leaving at 18:37, just eight seconds behind the leader.

In the 40 kilometer cycling segment the group arrived next to T2 with Alex Yee ahead followed by  Léo Bergere y Samuel Dickinson

In the 10 kilometer foot race, Hayden Wilde from New Zealand was the first to take the initiative, leading in the first lap, but closely followed by Alex Yee to a second. The Hungarian Csongor Lehmann He remained in third place, nine seconds behind the leader.

As the laps progressed, Wilde and Yee continued their close fight, staying just one second apart on the third lap.

Finally, the victory went to Alex Yee with a time of 1: 39: 44, followed by Hayden Wilde (1: 39: 46) and for Csongor Lehmann (1: 40: 27).

Fourth place went to the Norwegian Vetle Bergsvik Thorn (1:40:36), and the fifth for the Portuguese Ricardo Batista (1: 40: 37).

It is worth highlighting the participation of the Spanish Alberto Gonzalez Garcia placeholder image, who finished in 11th place with a time of 1:41:34.

How much the rest of Spaniards Roberto Sánchez Mantecón, finished in 19th position, and Antonio Serrat seoane 22nd and Sergio Baxter 24th.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Time Difference
1 Alex Yee 1:39:44 -
2 Hayden Wilde 1:39:46 + 00: 00: 02
3 Csongor Lehmann 1:40:27 + 00: 00: 43
4 Vetle Bergsvik Thorn 1:40:36 + 00: 00: 52
5 Ricardo Batista 1:40:37 + 00: 00: 53
6 Pierre Le Corre 1:40:39 + 00: 00: 55
7 charles pack 1:40:43 + 01: 00
8 Luke Willian 1:40:50 + 01: 06
9 Vincent Luis 1:40:57 + 01: 13
10 Jonas Schomburg 1:41:07 + 01: 23

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