Alex Yee & Hayden Wilde running under 13:30 in the 5.000

La French Triathlon League, the highest level in the world, started this weekend in the French town of Fréjus with the first of the five total stops that make up this 2024 league and once again this competition featured some of the best ITU triathletes.

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The two great stars of the day, Alex Yee y Hayden Wilde, they did not disappoint and gave a good show to the public.

Wilde suffered a puncture in the last 500 meters that forced him to get off the bike and run with it on his shoulder the steps before reaching the second transition, losing 20″ along the way.

Alex Yee set his own pace and went alone doing an exhibition to win the test, realizing that his level on foot is still intact.

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For his part, Hayden Wilde, who came from our country, setting the best time in a 5.000 by a triathlete, demonstrated that pace here by coming back to be second at the finish line. Tim Hellwig finished third.

Both triathletes ran the race on foot under 13:30, 13:26 for Wilde and 13.29 for Yee.

In women we also had a very close podium with the first three in less than 4″ where Jessica Fullagar took the victory by beating Candice Denizot in the photo finish sprint with Zsanett Bragmayer in third position.

Alex Yee y Hayden Wilde They will meet again next time May 25 in the test Cagliari of the Triathlon World Series.

Where the current Norwegian Olympic champion will also compete Kristian Blummenfelt and the French Leo Bergere y Dorian Coninx.

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