Alex Yee, the young British bet for gold in Tokyo

With a large foot race sector, it comes as one of the favorites

The 23-year-old British triathlete Alex Yee will be on the starting line of the Tokyo Olympics as one of the favorites to victory,

With a fearsome foot race, Yee has shown that if he leaves the bike with the leading group he has a lot of options to get a medal.

We saw him at the last WTS competition, Leeds, where he got his first victory in a World Series.

This running speed which makes it a threat when he leaves T2, so the rest of the triathletes will try to play their cards to leave him off the hook in swimming and cycling.

On the way to qualifying, he had to beat Alistair Brownlee, which has had to undergo surgery and will focus on the long distance from now on.

In an interview in World Triathlon, the Briton commented

"I've stepped out of my comfort zone in many races, and I think that taught me to challenge myself. I think it is something that happens to many athletes.

A lot of my results have to do with the mentality with which I arrive at the race. We are simple humans and of course there are nerves, but it is triathlon, we do what we love."

Alex faced the Leeds test with great determination, he wanted to prove himself against the coaches who were in the dilemma of who would accompany Jonny Brownlee in the Great Britain Olympic squad. It also offered her the chance to meet the man she had admired for so long: Alistair Brownlee.

"London 2012 was one of the first Olympic Games that I remember passionately following. It was like an addiction, I watched all the events, I was in front of the television all the time.

One of the athletes from my club had qualified for the 400m and showed up wearing the Great Britain uniform, it was inspiring. The Olympic Games are the pinnacle of our sport, and being an Olympic Champion is the best you can hope for. It has always been my goal."

Yee finished 33rd in the Tokyo test event in 2019, but the experience can be unmatched for an athlete who likes to be well prepared.

"My process on race day is to write everything in my journal, my thoughts about the race, what I want to do minute by minute. That helps me get to the exit without so much nerves. It is wonderful to have been able to race on the circuit, it has many fast parts, complicated sectors, the weather will be a challenge. "

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