Alex Yee and Beth Potter Esports World Champions

Today the final of the Arena Games of the Super League Triathlon in Singapore where for the first time a Triathlon world title has been played in the hybrid modality of Esport.

The proof that it has been disputed in the open air in the Marina Bay , British Alex Yee and Beth Potter have been proclaimed Eesport Triathlon World Champions.

In the competition today's victory was in the women's category for Bragmayer  who has beaten Potter in the last round of the test.

Potter, who had achieved victory in Munich and London, with the second place he has achieved today has earned him the world title. Third was Georgia-Taylor Brown

Alex Yee and Beth Potter Esports World Champions ,hl-11742539823
Beth Potter Eesport World Champion

In the men's test victory has been for HaydenWild who has surpassed the British in the final part Alex Yee which was second. The third classified has been Nieschlag.

With second place today Alex Yee has won the world title

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