Alexander Vinokourov and Lauren Jalabert win the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in their age group

The two former cyclists have met again, this time in a triathlon

Today was held in Nice on IRONMAN World Championship 70.3 where in the professional category the Norwegian has won Gustav Iden.

In addition to this test, all categories in age groups have been disputed, where the victory of former cyclists stands out Alexander Vinokourov  y Lauren Jalabert.

The Vinokourov Times

  • Swimming 1,9 km: 33: 55 (mean of 1: 47 100 / m)
  • Cycling 90 km: 2: 24: 21 (average of 38,24 km / h)
  • 21km: 1: 25: 05 (4 average: 28: 47)

In the 50-54 category Jalabert participated where he was the fastest with a time of 4: 34: 55.

The Jalabert Times

  • Swimming 1,9 km: 35: 23 (mean of 1: 52 min / 100)
  • Cycling 90 km: 2: 31: 07 (average of 36,53 km / h)
  • 21km: 1: 22: 32 (3 average: 55 min / km)

Vinokourov, who turns 45 in September, has participated in the 45-49 category where he has also been the fastest with a time of 4: 28: 05

They will meet again in Kona

These two former cyclists have already agreed on several tests, where in the past IM Kona Jalabert finished fifth and Vinokurov eighth in their respective age groups. This year we will see the "duel" in Kona next October 12

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