Alistair Brownlee finishes 7th in the Transiberica Ultracycling Bandlans 

The British triathlete Alistair Brownlee has participated in an ultra-distance test in Spain, the  Transiberian Ultracycling Bandlans

This race is done with unassisted gravel bike In non-stop format, it has a total of 725 kilometers of route with more than 15.000 meters of positive elevation gain.

The winner of the test has been Mattia De Marchi with a total of 45 hours and 54 minutes. Alistair finished seventh with 57 hours and 20 minutes

Position Overall Participant no. First Name Result Average speed Distance
7th 7th 121 Alistair Brownlee 57 hrs 20 mins 13.01 KM / H 746 KM

These have been the results of all stages of the race

Stage, date and time of arrival Segment time
Gorafe desert  
05/09/2021 15:27 7 hrs 27 mins
high draft  
06/09/2021 10:33 19 hrs 5 mins
Desert Taverns  
06/09/2021 13:10 2 hrs 37 mins
Cabo de Gata  
06/09/2021 22:24 9 hrs 14 mins
Gádor mountain range  
07/09/2021 7:55 9 hrs 30 mins
The Alpujarra  
07/09/2021 11:13 3 hrs 18 mins
07/09/2021 17:20 6 hrs 6 mins

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