Alistair Brownlee sweeps his debut in Media Distancia in Challenge Mogan

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The double Olympic Champion has achieved the victory by breaking the record of the race. Judith Corachan was fourth and Joan Rivureta sixth

 Today he played one of the most anticipated events of the season, Challenge Mogan, since the double Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee debuted in a mid distance test. The oldest of the Brownlee announced that he intended to move to the long distance to participate in a future in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

The British at 28 years of age, has made a debut as Javier Gómez Noya did in 2013 with 30 in the middle distance in the Challenge Barcelona where he got the title of European Middle Distance Champion in a nice duel with Chris McCormac. We are all looking forward to seeing a hand-to-hand test between these two champions.

The test that began at the 9: 00 of the morning Spanish time at the beach of Mogan (Gran Canaria) where the Briton came in second place to 4 seconds of Davide Giardini's Italian and followed closely by Heemeryck Pieter and by Thomas Davis.

Alistair Brownlee in the Challenge Mogan walking race

In the first kilometers of cycling a group was formed with Giardini, Brownlee and Heemeryck, although the Briton demonstrated his bike quality by passing through the port of Mogán (km 19,5) in first position with 50 seconds ahead of Heemeryck.

Brownlee continued to increase his lead to reach the T2 over 5 minutes ahead of Heemeryck Pieter and Mark Buckingham who came together.

In the 21 km of running, Alistair Brownlee He managed to maintain his advantage to get his first victory in a mid distance test with a final time of 4: 03: 09 beating the test record held by last year's winner Thomas Steger in a time of 4: 14: 25 . The second classified has been Heemeryck Pieter (12: 11: 23) followed in third position by Mark Buckingham(12: 15: 36).

As for the Spanish Joan Rivureta has finished in a magnificent sixth position with a time of 4: 20: 02, Mikel Elgezabal (4: 23: 56) ninth, Jordi García (4: 25: 55) tenth and Dani Múgica 13th completing a great Spanish performance.

Alistair Bronwlee winner Challenge Mogan 2017

Men's Classification

1 Alistair BROWNLEE 4:03:09
2 Heemeryck PIETER 4:11:23
3 Mark BUCKINGHAM 4:15:36
4 Julian MUTTERER 4:18:26
5 Küng MANUEL 4:19:30
6 Joan RUVIRETA 4:20:02
9 Mikel Elgezabal 4:23:56
10 Jordi García 4:25:55


With regards to female category, the double World Champion Daniela Ryf, the clear favorite, could not meet the forecasts.

Ryf came out of the water second, rallied in the cycling segment reaching T2 with about 2 minutes of advantage. In the 21 km of running we could see an exciting duel, as Daniela Ryf slowed down giving the opportunity to Lucy Charles that reached her at km 12 of the race. Emma Pallant who was coming strong from behind also surpassed Ryf going for Pallant to fight for the victory.

Finally Emma Pallat with a great end of career he got the victory in the 4 test: 35: 15, followed 6 seconds behind by Lucy Charles (4: 35: 21) in second position. Daniela Ryf It was third with a 4 time: 38: 35. According to the organization, the German entered a lap earlier in the T2 and had to leave to recover the full stretch in what she lost a lot of time

Women's Podium Challenge Mogan 2017

As for the Spanish Judith Corachán (4: 50: 46) finished in a great fifth position and Sara Loerh had not completed the test

 Women's Classification

1 Emma PALLANT 4:35:15
2 Lucy CHARLES 4:35:21
3 Daniela RYF 4:38:35
4 Lucy GOSSAGE 4:47:54
5 Judith CORACHAN VAQUERA 4:50:46
6 Daniela SÄMMLER 4:51:38
7 Catherine JAMESON 4:54:56



Photos @Domoscottteam  // ChallengeMGC

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