Alistair Brownlee wins the Abu Dhabi Short Triathlon

The British Alistair Brownlee has not disappointed imposing itself in the triathlon in short distance that has been held in Abu Dhabi



Alistair he was proclaimed champion with a final time of 3: 20: 18 with more than 5 minutes of advantage over Cesar Beilo and the Russian Alexander Bryukhankov I enter third position with 3: 28: 53.

The short test of Abu Dhabi Triathlon It consisted of 1,5 km of swimming followed by 100 km of cycling without drafting and finishing the test with 10 km of running.



Rank Bib Name Nation Club Finish
1. 100 Alistair Brownlee GBR   3:20:18
2. 15 Cesar Beilo NED   3:25:34
3. 42 Alexander Bryukhankov RUS   3:28:53
4. 40 Lawrence Fanous JOR   3:31:25
5. 1196 Olivier Godart UAE   3:31:58




There are no previous results.

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