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Alistair Brownlee wins the Cagliari World Cup

Alistair Brownlee winning the Cagliari Triathlon World Cup

Today was held in Italy, the Cagliari Triathlon World Cup, where all eyes were on the participation of Alistair Brownlee, double World and Olympic champion who returned to compete in a WC event after more than a decade.

Everything points, that the Briton of 31 years is preparing the test of the WTS of Leeds, in June, but he does not rule out that he wants to see if he can qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

As for the test the first to get out of the water was Justus Nieschalg followed by Mark Dévay and Alistair Brownlee two seconds.

In the first kilometers of the cycling segment no group was formed and they were rolling the whole bunch together. Little by little a group was formed in the lead (12 units) with the strongest where they were Brownlee but without any Spanish. Finally the group arrived at the T2 with 43 seconds ahead of their pursuers to face the 5 km of running.

In the race they quickly left the group breaking a trio consisting of Alistair Brownlee, Kevin Mcdowell and Justus Nieschlah passing with 20 seconds ahead in the first round.

Finally Alistair Brownlee got the victory with a 52 time: 01 in a tight sprint with Justus Nieschlah who has finished second. Kevin Mcdowell has been the third classified trained to 12 seconds.

As for the Spaniards in the test, Alberto García It has been 12º , Genis Grau 18º e 24º

Male classification

Alistair Brownlee 0: 52: 02
Justus Nieschlag 0: 52: 03
Kevin Mcdowell 0: 52: 14
Gordon Benson 0: 52: 38
Ryan Bailie 0: 52: 42
Lukas Hollaus 0: 52: 44
Gregor Payet 0: 52: 45
Bob Haller 0: 52: 48
Márk Dévay 0: 52: 53
David Uccellari 0: 52: 58

Sophie Coldwell takes the victory in women with two Spanish in the Top 10

In the women's test victory has been for the British Sophie Coldwell, who has mastered the test from start to finish with a time of 57: 58 followed by the German Nina Eim (58: 08) and by the Belgian Valerie Barthelemy (58: 10) occupying the third final position.

Anna Godoy has been fifth in a great performance and Sara Pérez Tenth room.

Female classification



00: 57: 57



00: 58: 08



00: 58: 09



00: 58: 12



00: 58: 17



00: 58: 21



00: 58: 26



00: 58: 42



00: 58: 45


Perez Sala

00: 58: 50

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