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Armstrong takes it seriously, wants to win an Ironman

Lace Armstrong's coach Alberto Salazar has confirmed that Lance is not only training to do in Ironman, but that the winner of 7 Tours intends to win one.

In the interview that they did to Alberto, he commented that Amstrong has set him the goal of running a marathon at 2:30, so that he can run that distance in the Ironman test at 2: 50-2: 55 and achieving those times he could choose for victory.

Many triathlon experts are quick to say that his time of 2:46 at the 2006 New York Marathon does not suggest that he is capable of running fast enough in an Ironman to go for victory.

His coach defended him by starting «effectively He ran 2:46. Do you know how hard it is to do that?. It's a great mark if we consider the little time I train for that test. He only ran about 20 kilometers a week.

Regardless of how quickly Armstrong improves in the career sector, Salazar made it clear that the assault on the Ironman is very likely in the near future.

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