Ana Burgos and Emilio Martin are imposed in the Punta Umbria qualifier

Last Saturday, the classification for the Duathlon Spain Championship was held in Punta Umbría, where Ana Burgos and Emilio Martín were clearly established.

In the women's event, Ana Burgos clearly dominated from the beginning, doing the first segment alone and waiting for Patricia Diaz and Zuriñe Rodríguez to do the cycling sector together. Again in the race on foot Ana left her opponents prevailing in the test with a final time of 1:03:06 followed by Patricia Diaz at 17 seconds and in third place by Zuriñe Rodríguez with a time of 1:03:46.

In the men's event, Emilio Martín had no rival and showed his good form at all times. And positioning himself as a clear favorite for the Spanish Championship.

Emilio invested a total of 57:25 to reach the finish line, followed in second position by his teammate Sergio Lorenzo with a time of 58:10 and in third position the also member of ADSEVILLA-ZAMBRU´S BIKES Ángel Hidalgo with a time end of 58:15.


There are no previous results.

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