Analysis of the Ultraman World Championship

Richard Thompson beats Rob Gray in all three stages and proclaims himself world champion.


Our collaborator Marcos Bonilla, experienced Ultraman, tells us his analysis of the test that this weekend has been played in the triathlon mecca, Hawaii, where Juan Bautista "Chamba" got the sixth place in the general

Another edition of the Ultraman World Championship ended on Sunday morning, a competition full of emotions and explosions of feelings among the assistants of the teams and all the triathletes, as always. Feelings and reactions typical of any ultraman, which is so hard to explain to those who have lived it, and who are magnified in Hawaii ... We can say that as always, but ... With NEW CHAMPION OF THE WORLD: The Australian Richard Thompson.

To make a brief summary by sectors, we can say that:

-La Rob Gray has won it; with a time of 2 hours 44' in the 10kms.

-The bike; Richard Thompson; with 4 hours 05' in the first stage and 8 hours 20 minutes in the 280kms of the second.

-La career; I look at Kregar; with 6 hours and 51 minutes, in 84,4 kms.

From the beginning we knew that we would see a different ultraman due to the modification of the route, since the first stage had to be modified, and the second stage was totally different. But if we have to highlight this ultraman for something; I would say that it was differentiated by the hardness of the route, and by the lack of competition in the front line of battle, that is, in each of the stages we knew that everything would be decided between Richard and Rob, and up there it has been noticed the "lack of level" (do not get me wrong, as I refer to people who choose to be world champion), with the lack of assistance from athletes like Iñaki de la Parra, Jeremy Howard, Arnaud Selukov or Tony O'Keeffe ... that have made this ultraman somewhat "decaffeinated" in that sense.

Richard Thompson has been first with authority, leaving Rob Gray almost an hour apart. All our admiration; to Richard for having won, and Rob Gray for defending his title and fighting until the double marathon, stage that we all thought would give the "stakes" and simply could not give arriving in sixth position.

Video goal Richard Thompson

The second line has also been monopolized by David Hainish and Peter Vabrousek, who followed closely until the third stage, and who have fought for the third place, being around the half hour of Rob Gray, winning the game Peter to Hainish for only 10 minutes.

Far from this second line, there is the next level of triathletes that would correspond to the third line that have arrived from the two hours of the fourth classified David Hainish. A very big fork of fantastic triathletes, that from the fifth place of the legendary Miro Kregar to the tenth position complete a Top 10 with 6 triathletes in less than an hour, where is our beloved "Chamba"Sixth, as the best spanish of this edition. Other old friends complete the Top 10; Gary Kelly, "Trout", "Boki", and the Chilean (it's vegan, as a curiosity) that repeats Top Ten like last year.

And, please, to be fair; let me make a special reference to an athlete that is living legend of the ultraman, and that I just mentioned among the first 5; the Slovenian Miro Kregar; They are already many years among the best 5 in the world and there we continue to see 56 for years. And on top of this year; winning the Double Marathon: ABSOLUTE ADMIRATION.

As for the feminine struggle we can also say that we have lacked some habitual protagonist; the great Steffi Steinberg, world champion last year has not been in Hawaii despite being on the list of participants, and has not been able to defend title.

The new world champion is Tara Norton, from 47 years, that was imposed with more than one hour of advantage to Mary Knott Complete the third place Cynthia Bartus. The 3 only triathletes that have finished the Ultraman, since of the 9 females; 6 have had to abandon between the first and the third stage. Between them; the Spanish Delia Banus. Data that makes us raise both the hardness of the test, and the lack of level of the girls ... In my opinion and to make constructive criticism; perhaps it would be necessary to put a longer time of cut to the females.

Video goal Tara Norton

To continue talking about the hardness of the routes; I would like to comment on data like Only 22 triathletes have finished the test, compared to last year's 30. Thirteen triathletes have had to abandon for one reason or anotheris. Among them, another living legend; the Argentinean Juan Craveri, a man with great experience who was going to complete his 14ª ultraman, and had to fight in the second stage. I can only say that it is a phenomenon, that it is always helping the Spaniards, and that I am sure that next year will come back to get rid of that thorn.

As for the role of the Spaniards, I think we are right in the forecast; our "Chamba"It has left us in good place within the Top Ten, and giving a show in the double marathon with a time of 7horas 01 minutes. Marc Siques LLagostera closes the short list of Spaniards who finish the Ultraman. The other Spanish 3 have not had any luck and have had to abandon for different reasons; Juan Luis Quero Guerrero, Ignacio Quiles Lara, and the one mentioned above; Delia Banus. Even so we send you the most affectionate of spirits for having been so brave and have been part of the edition that more Spanish representatives has had.

Like all the world championships; It has been a great Ultraman; with new routes and landscapes, and different characteristics, but we already know that Hawaii is always hard; if last year the hardness was marked by wind and rain (since the whole second stage was diluted), this year the courses have marked it.

We will not know if next year the routes will be repeated or there will be new roads for the new landscapes left by the volcano, but what is certain is that it will be hard again, it will be exciting again, and it will be magical again. I personally am already struggling to be able to go, and I am sure that next year we will have Spanish representation as in recent years.

Lovers of the Ultraman; Remember: ALOHA, OHANA, KOKUA.

Photo: Facebook Ultraman

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