Andi Boecherer and Michelle Vesterby win the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote 2021

Today the XXIX edition of the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote in a special year after there was no competition in 2020.

More than 800 athletes, including 300 Spanish, they have taken the start this morning in a modified circuit Due to the current circumstances with a different segment and with a new goal located in Playa de los Pocillos.

In the professional category, Spain was represented by 5 triathletes, Iván Raña, Gustavo Rodríguez, Carlos Aznar, Eneko Elosegui and Axel Beci

The output has been made in Rolling Start format (see video of departure from age groups) and a single lap, not in 2 as on other occasions.

Another of the main novelties of this year has been the dispute of the LD Triathlon Military World Championship  where Spain had the presence of 4 triathletes, Nicolás Domínguez, Sergio Sobrino, Mónica Falgueras and Patricia Cabedo

Male competition

The competition began at 7 in the morning with the departure of the male professionals. The fastest he was Nick Kastelein followed closely by Antony Costes and Pieter Heermeryck. 30 seconds away Frommhold left and a minute a group with 10 athletes where Iván Raña was. Gustavo started at 19º at 6:30, Carlos Aznar 33º at 14:04, Eneko Elosegui 38º and Axel Beci 39º at 14:37.

In the cycling segment, the Norwegian Kristian Hogenhaug imposed a strong rhythm, reaching the leadership of the test and leaving alone. At kilometer 68 of the race he was already 4 minutes ahead of a group made up of Andi Boecherer, Kastelein and Heermeryck. At this point Gustavo Rodríguez was the best Spaniard in 17th, 14 minutes behind the leader. Iván Raña retired shortly after.

Andi Boecherer took the lead at kilometer 80 to leave alone and reach T2 3 minutes ahead of compatriot Boris Stain. Matt Trautman was third, 9 minutes behind Boecherer.

In the running race Andi Boecherer he continued to increase his lead to finally claim victory in a time of 8:34:11.

The second classified has been Boris Stein (8: 42: 03) followed by Matt Trautman (8: 43: 00) in third position

As for the Spanish Iván Raña, Gustavo Rodríguez, Carlos Aznar and Eneko Elosegui have retired.

Axel beci he was the only Spaniard to finish the test and he did so in 27th place

Male classification

Job title Name Time Difference
1 Andi Boecherer  08:34:11
2 Boris Stein  08:42:03 + 07: 51.98
3 Matt Trautman  08:43:00 + 08: 48.62
4 Kristian Høgenhaug 08:45:55 + 11: 43.62
5 Evert Scheltinga 08:49:39 + 15: 28.32

Timo Bracht, winner in 2011 has the best mark in the test with 08:30:34. In the female category, the best
Paula Newby-Fraser has time in 1995 with a time of 09:24:39.

With this victory the German gets his Slot for him IRONMAN of Hawaii. You can consult the following link the Qualified list for Kona 2021 

Female competition

In the women's category, the first to get out of the water was Michele Vesterby followed by Manon Genet and a little later by Justine Matthieux.

In the cycling segment, the French Genet decided to leave alone, passing through kilometer 68 of the sector with 4 minutes ahead of Vesterby and 7 over Matthieux.

Genet with a strong pace throughout the cycling segment managed to continue increasing his lead to reach T2 with almost 8 minutes over Vesterby. Third came Matthieux at 15 minutes followed at 30 seconds by Laura Siddal, in which everything indicated was going to be the fight for third place.

Manon was increasing his advantage until kilometer 15 where he began to lose time and abandon the race at kilometer 20.

From that moment on, Vesterby, who was second, was placed as the leader, surpassing Laura Siddall at that point in 3:37, although little by little she was cutting differences.

Finally, Michelle Vesterby He has managed to maintain his advantage to achieve victory in the event with a time of 9:55:04.

The second classified has been Laura Siddall (9:55:51). The third classified has been Justine mattieux (9: 57: 16)

This was his second victory in the test of Vesterby and her slot for the second classified since she already had the pass for Kona

Female classification

Site Name Time Difference
1 Michelle Vesterby 9:55:04
2 Laura Siddall  09:55:51 + 00: 47.59
3 Justine mathieux  09:57:16 + 02: 12.23
4 Simone Mitchell  10:12:42 + 17: 38.07
5 Maria gosteva  10:28:38 + 33: 33.95

LD Military World Championship

In the LD military World Championship the winner was Jaroslav Kovacic with a time of 08:54:15 follow by Andrey Bryukhankov (9: 16: 37) and for Adrien claeyssen (9: 26: 04) in third position.

In the female category Maria gosteva has taken the title

There are no previous results.

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