Andorra, world epicenter of the winter triathlon

The second edition of Andorra Winter Triathlon It came with a lot of news. On the one hand, the celebration of the first winter duathlon world championship, which challenged the participants to complete a demanding circuit of running and cross-country skiing.

The other notable novelty is the new competition model that forced the participants to chain two triathlons, thus assuming a total of five transitions.

Good performance of the Spanish

Outstanding participation of athletes from the Spanish Triathlon Federation, from the Elite category to the Age Groups or Paratriathlon, in which Rafa Solís won the double PTS5 world title in Duathlon and Winter Triathlon.

In the Triathlon World Championship, the Alvaro Lopez bronze and fourth place Irene Moor, in junior categories, ratified with the bronze of both for Spain in the Junior Mixed Relay.

FETRI/ Spanish Age Groups
FETRI/ Spanish Age Groups

In the elite category, our team faced countries with greater experience in the ski segment that, in the end, determined the race. Enara Oronoz achieved the eighth position, and Marta Borbón the eleventh.

Pello Osoro ranked fourteenth, and Fernando Zorrilla in the sixteenth. Joan Freixa would also be Top20 in eighteenth place, and Dani Tolosa achieved twenty-fourth and sixth Under-23.

At the Winter Triathlon World Championships in Mixed Relay (2×2) the Elite Mixed Relay, with Fernando Zorrilla and Marta Borbón, was classified in eighth place, and the Junior, with Alvaro Lopez and Irene Moro, in third place getting the bronze medal.

 he junior men's Winter Duathlon world title went to Alvaro Lopez, and the female bronze in the same category for Benilde Candial.

FETRI/ Spaniards in Andorra
FETRI/ Spaniards in Andorra

Between the FETRI Age Groups, won gold medals in the Winter Triathlon World Championship Isabel Alonso, Aiara Garaialde, Soraya García, Enrique Martínez, Juan Tenorio and Sebastiá Cattla. They were silver Candela Martínez, Marta Bassa, Alejandro Ortiz, Carles Sala, Marc Relaño, Jaime Gutiérrez, and David Lázaro.

Iris Bassols, Elisenda Pratch, Ignacio Ayala and Rodolfo Amorrortu reached the bronze. In the Winter Duathlon World Championship there were four medals for the Spanish Age Groups, one gold for Juan Tenorio and silver for Jaime Gutiérrez, Carlos Antonio Orcajo and Rodolfo Amorrortu.

Balance sheet

Naturland It has been the ideal location for the celebration of the first winter duathlon. The different international athletes used this competition as recognition of the circuit, as training and of course to meet their rivals.

 The Italian Franco Pesavento and the Russian Anna Medvedeva they were awarded the elite test. In the junior category the victory went to the Spanish Álvaro Lopez.

The main novelty of the second edition of the world championship was the new competition system, designed to be much more attractive to the public but also much more demanding for the participants.

The new format requires athletes to complete two triathlons with total distances of 8,1km on foot, 12,80km on bike and 12,40km on cross-country skiing.

The victory went to the also winter duathlon world champion, Franco Pesavento, and the Russian Daria Rogozina.

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