Andrea Schilling and Sandrina Illes Duathlon World Champions

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The duathlon was in charge of inaugurating the Championship where Emilio Martín and Cristóbal García were our representatives.

Yesterday Friday began the Multisport World Championships that are celebratedn Fyn (Denmark) and that will host until the 14 of July the World Cups of Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Aquathlon y Long Distance Triathlon (and the Aquabike GG.EE. test).

The test that was disputed over standard distance (10-36-5) and the victory in the men's test was for the Danish Andrea Schilling  with a time of 01: 35: 56 followed by the French Yohan Le Berre and for the British Mark Buckingham

As for the Spanish Cristóbal García it was 13º and Emilio Martín 14 º

Results: Elite Men
1. Andreas Schilling THEDEN Flag 01:35:56
2. Yohan Le Berre FRAFRA Flag 01:35:57
3. Mark Buckingham GBRGBR Flag 01:36:47
4. László Tarnai HUNHUN Flag 01:37:48
5. Dely Arnaud BELBEL Flag 01:37:59

Emilio counted on social networks

14º of the World, is what there is and there is no other to be satisfied. This is sport and everyone trains to get the same as you, so when you are not at 100% you run the risk of being overrun. We will return, or at least we will try. Thanks for so many messages!

In the women's event, the victory was for the Austrian Sandrina Illes followed by the Japaneseto Au Ueda and for the British Georgina Schwiening

Results: Elite Women
1. Sandrina Illes TUEAUT Flag 01:49:29
2. Ai Ueda JPNJPN Flag 01:49:38
3. Georgina Schwiening GBRGBR Flag 01:49:47
4. Felicity Sheedy-Ryan AUSAUS Flag 01:50:20
5. Sandra Levenez FRAFRA Flag 01:50:42

Photo: ITU

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