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Anna Noguera "I hope to win the second edition of Half Triathlon Pamplona"

The 14 of May is the date chosen for this second edition where all the registrations have already been used up

Anna won the inaugural edition of the Half Triathlon Pamplona and they come with forces to try to win this second

What was your goal when participating in the first edition of the test?

Contrary to what people may think, my goal from the start was to regulate the forces to perform to the fullest during more than 4 hours of competition. For this I had to be very concentrated in the race, feed myself and hydrate correctly and, above all, be prepared for the setbacks that could arise, mainly adverse weather conditions.

Who were your top rivals in Pamplona?

Undoubtedly, Esther Rodríguez, international and bronze triathlete in the 2014 Spain Championship both in medium and long distance, and Ibone Sánchez, triathlete who qualified in second place in the Euskadi Sprint 2015 Triathlon circuit.

What sensations did you have during the competition?

Honestly, I thought too many times that I had lost time regarding my rivals but having no references, I did not want my mind to focus on that but on the main objective.

What strategy did you follow in the cycling sector?

I tried to concentrate on following a strong rhythm during the 90km and keep it especially in areas of layout with a more technical profile with rain and wind, factor that conditions me negatively.

And it seems that it was not bad because in the 2 Transition you were already first.

The truth is that I was pretty good and agile during the 90km of bike and already in the second transition what happened to me happened ... I came down with my legs swollen and with some doubts if I could hold the rhythms to which I had been training the last months However, I knew I was in first position but without any reference to the time I took the second or third athlete.

How did the half marathon go?

As I said, I did not know how far my rivals were, so I tried to run at the pace of the practice. Of course, without taking my mind off that at any moment they were going to step on my heels. At that time I was thinking about winning, controlling the mind was increasingly complicated despite the hard layout of the running segment with a large drop in both rise and fall. But luckily I reached the first goal and it was very, very exciting for me.

After winning the first edition of the Half Triathlon Pamplona - Iruña. What was your next goal?

The Championship of Spain. The Pamplona race helped me to reinforce my own confidence to see that I was able to concentrate well on the race. Undoubtedly, the great effort was also rewarded in the Spanish Middle Distance Championship, where I was runner-up behind Sara Loehr.

Finally, what are your expectations for the 2016 season?

I am a very optimistic, positive and persevering person so I also hope to win the second edition of the Half Triathlon Pamplona - Iruña in 2016, besides improving the result. Given that the swim segment is where I have the best chance of improvement, in this sense I am convinced that the Xterra Vector Pro neoprene will help me with the "extra" buoyancy I need.

Anna Noguera, member of #XterraTeam


Fuemte: Communication Team of XTERRA Wetsuits

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