Kenneth Vandendriessche winner of Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote 2024

Jordi Montraveta and Mikel Urgarte take the podium

Today the 32nd edition of the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote, where near 1.000 triathletes have taken the start.

The test, which was held over a distance of 3,8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42 km of running, began at 7 in the morning with the departure of the professionals.

This 2024 edition has had a good lineup of PROS as the world champion Anne Haug, last year's winner  Lydia dant, the winner in 2022 Kenneth Vandendriessche or the Spanish  Jordi Montavetra which was fourth last year.

Consult the women's chronicle with Anne Haug's spectacular victory in this link 

The men's competition

In the men's category, the first to leave the water was the Spanish Mikel Ugarte followed by Michael Kabl and Milan Bros third at 1 minute.

In the first kilometers of the cycling segment, a leading group was formed with Dreitz, Goodfellow, Ugarte and Brons who were together until km 70 where Matthew Palmer caught up with the leader of the race and left alone.

profile of the cycling segment of the IRONMAN Lanzarote 2024
profile of the cycling segment of the IRONMAN Lanzarote 2024

At the middle of the segment, Palmer was the leader with 24 seconds over Brons, 42 over Goodfellow and Ugarte. Montraveta was already fifth at 3:19 and closing the gap.

Passing through the Rio viewpoint, Palmer was still first with 2:07 over Ugarte, 2:50 over Goodfellow and Brons and 4:17 over Montraveta, who was sixth at this point. Vandendriessche passed eighth, 5:26 behind the leader.

The first to reach T2 was Palmer with 3:36 ahead of Jon Breivold who made a comeback in the final part of the cycling segment and Ugarte at 6:21.

Montraveta got off the bike sixth at 9:13 and Vandendriessche eighth at 11:59.

In the first 5 kilometers Breivold took the lead, overtaking Palmer and leaving alone, behind Ugarte he closed in at 1:22 and went in search of Palmer.

At kilometer 10, Ugarte took the race lead passing Breivold and Montraveta was already third, 1:24 behind the leader.

Little by little the Catalan was closing the gap on Ugarte to overtake him at kilometer 28 of the race. But from behind Vandendriessche was closing in strong and was taking time away from the first.

The winner in 2022 finally closed the gap and overtook Montraveta at km 30 to leave alone and achieve victory in a time of 8:29:54.

Jordi Montravets managed to keep the pace and came second with a time of 8:32:26 followed by Mikel Ugarte with 8:36:39.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Country Final time
1 Kenneth Vandendriessche Belgium 08:29:54
2 Jordi Montraveta Moya Spain 08:32:26
3 Mikel Ugarte Ramos Spain 08:36:39
4 Pim van Diemen Netherlands 08:39:34
5 Ben Goodfellow United Kingdom 08:44:21
6 Thomas Navarro France 08:46:35
7 Felix hentschel Germany 08:49:23
8 Louis Richard France 08:50:22
9 Victor Arroyo Bugallo Spain 08:52:51
10 Milan brons Netherlands 08:55:09

In addition to the main protagonists, the triathletes, the celebration of the Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote has mobilized more than 4.000 people including organizers, volunteers and security, it has the support of the main local and regional public institutions, such as the Government of the Canary Islands, Cabildo de Lanzarote, Promotur Turismo de Lanzarote, Lanzarote Sports Destination by Turismo Lanzarote, the town councils and other private sponsors that give a great boost to the sports calendar and the different events in the Canary Islands.

Sports events of this level, supported by institutions and with the experience and drive of Club La Santa behind them, contribute to Lanzarote receiving top quality tourism that provides added value to various sectors.

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