Anne Haug could be the oldest triathlete to win the IRONMAN in Hawaii

Today is disputed in Kona, the IRONMAN World Championship female, in an edition where there will be separate professional tests.

On the one hand, the women's event will be held today, October 6, and the men's event on Saturday, October 8.

In today's test will be the best triathletes in the world like Danyela Ryf, Lucy Charles or the German Anne Haug, that he could break a record today if he wins the test.

Haug was proclaimed world champion in 2019 with 36 years of age and appears again in Kona to get his second title.

There are many triathletes who have achieved more than 2 wins in Hawaii but if she wins today she will become the oldest triathlete to do so.

Consultation all the winners of the IRONMAN of Hawaii

Right now this record is held by Natascha Badmann winner in 2005 at the age of 38 and this 2022 Anne Haug is 39. so you could beat it.

The oldest man to win Kona was Craig Alexander in 2011 with 38 years.

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