Anne Haug and Justus Nieschalg win Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote 2023

Anna Noguera has been fifth in the test

Today the eleventh edition of the Club La Santa IRONMAN 70.3 Lanzarote with many news.

This edition, which has had changes to the swimming, cycling and running circuits To improve the experience of triathletes, it has had the participation of more than 1.200 athletes, the competition record.

The test began at 7 in the morning with the professional men's start where the first to get out of the water was Justus Nieschalg followed 5 seconds behind by a group led by Matteo Montinari and Daniel Baekkegard 11 seconds behind.

In the cycling segment Nieschalg left alone from the start to go through kilometer 35 with 10 seconds ahead of Margirier and 1:03 ahead of a group with Bogen, Baekkegard and Heemeryck.

The first to reach T2 was Nieschalg leading a group with Madsen, Bogen and Margirier. Baekkegard and Heemeryck came in at 2:10.

Finally Justus Nieschlag He knew how to maintain his advantage to take the victory with a time of 03:54:57.

The second classified was Mathis Margier, with a time of 03:55:13, and third Thor Bendix Mandsen, with a time of 03: 56: 51.

The first Spanish was Jordi Montraveta in twelfth position. She has participated in the test as a test for the IRONMAN Lanzarote for the month of May.

Men's 10 Top

Position Name Time Country
1 Justus Nieschlag 03:54:57 Germany
2 Mathis Margier 03:55:13 Switzerland
3 Thor Bendix Mandsen 03:56:51 Denmark
4 Rich Bogen 03:59:15 Germany
5 Daniel Bækkegård 04:00:49 Denmark
6 Pieter Heemeryck 04:01:40 Belgium
7 Josh Lewis 04:02:47 Britain
8 Yvan jarrige 04:02:56 France
9 Dieter Comhair 04:03:34 Belgium
10 Colin Schuch 04:05:05 Austria

Anne Haug sweeps the test and Anna Noguera fifth

In the female category, the first to come out of the water was India Lee along with Kate Curran, Anne Haug and Fabia Maramotti at 4 seconds. Fifth came out Anna Noguera 1:02 behind the leading group.

At kilometer 35 of cycling, India Lee and Anne Haug passed in the lead with a difference of 3:43 over Kate Curran, who was third at that point.

Already at kilometer 60 of the segment, Haug was the leader with a 32-second advantage over Lee and minutes over Curridori. At this point Noguera was tenth, 11 minutes behind the German.

Haug entered T2 with a gap of 1:39 over Lee and 8:39 over Curridori. Anna was passing in tenth position at this point.

In the running race Anne Haug he continued to increase his lead to win the event with a time of 04:16:47.

Haug dominated the race, finishing with an advantage of more than 11 minutes over the second placed, Indian Lee, who finished second with a time of 04:28:38. Third place went to Elisabetta Curridori with 04:36:42.

The Spanish Anna Noguera she was finally fifth with a time of 04:41:06. Anna has returned to compete in this race 3 years after her injury with a great position.

Top 10 female

Position Name Time Country
1 Anne Haug 04:16:47 Germany
2 India Lee 04:28:38 United Kingdom
3 Elisabetta Curridori 04:36:42 Italy
4 Kate Curran 04:37:39 United Kingdom
5 Anna Noguera 04:41:06 Spain
6 Lydia dant 04:41:11 United Kingdom
7 rebecca anderbury 04:45:24 United Kingdom
8 Astrid VAN Cauwelaert 04:45:51 Belgium
9 Morier Emilie 04:46:20 France
10 Danielle Fauteux 04:48:02 Canada

There are no previous results.

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