Anne Haug wins the European Open in Ibiza

After the male test where Max Neumann has taken the victory it was the women's turn with a large lineup of professionals.

On the start list were triathletes like Lucy Charles, Ashleigh Gentle, Anne Haug, Paula Findley, Indian Lee or Spanish Sara Pérez Sala among others.

The test was held on the PTO distance of 100 km with 2k of swimming, 80k of cycling and 18 km of running

First out of the water was Lucy Charles with a 27 second lead over Wilms and Clarke. Sara Pérez started fifth at 1:28 from the head of the race along with Holly Lawurence

In the cycling segment, he knew how to stay in the lead followed by a group with Gentle, Findlay, Wilms, Lee, Clarke and Langridge,

Finally Lucy reached T2 with a 1:39 advantage over Findlay who escaped in the last part of the segment. At 1:41 the chasing group led by Gentle arrived. Sara Pérez tenth at 2:18 from the British.

In the first kilometers of the race on foot Lucy was gradually losing her advantage to go through km 5 with 1:07 over Haug and 1:16 over Gentle

With 10 km to go before the finish line, Haug was already only 12 seconds behind the British, catching up with her 1 km later to pass her to go solo for the victory.

Finally the German Anne Haug, a resident of Club La Santa, won the victory with a time of 3:38:00

Haug arrived at the test after having won at Club La Santa IRONMAN 70.3 Lanzarote and the Challenge Mogán

Ashleigh Gentle (3:40:30) was the second to cross the finish line after passing Lucy Charles (3:40:56) who was third in the test.

Sara Perez, the only Spanish in the event, finished in 14th position with a time of 3:50:23 to 12:23 behind the winner.

The times of Anne Haug

These are the times of the winner in each segment

Segment Time
Swimming 00:27:03
Cycling 02:05:51
Career 01:02:55

Top 10 female European Open PTO Ibiza 2023

Job title Athlete Time difference to the leader
1 A. HAUG 03:38:00 -
2 A. GENTLE 03:40:30 + 02: 29.53
3 L. CHARLES-BARCLAY 03:40:56 + 02: 55.42
4 E. PALLANT-BROWNE 03:42:19 + 04: 19.26
5 P. FINDLAY 03:43:34 + 05: 33.39
6 T.JEWETT 03:43:51 + 05: 50.68
7 I. READ 03:45:23 + 07: 23.03
8 L. BAPTIST 03:46:35 + 08: 35.17
9 L.WILMS 03:47:14 + 09: 14.26
10 H. LAWRENCE 03:47:14 + 09: 47.12


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