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Antonio Benito European Middle Distance Triathlon Champion 2024

Today the European Middle Distance Triathlon Championship was held in Coimbra where in the elite A competitionAntonio Benito got the gold and Marta Sanchez won silver, adding more medals to the Triarmada during the European Multisport Championships that the Portuguese city is hosting these days.

Benedict He used a comeback tactic in the foot race, where he advanced positions to lead the race and take the victory and the European title.

The second classified was Alexander Nobre and third ognjen stojanovic.

As for the rest of the Spaniards in the men's category, Fernando Zorrilla achieved a remarkable fourth position, Guillem Montiel, who initially led in the swim, finished in a creditable sixth position.

Carlos Oliver finished in twelfth place, while Iñaki Baldellou, despite a promising start, had to withdraw halfway through the race due to physical complications.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Country Final time
1 Antonio Benito Lopez ESP 03:38:16
2 Alexander Nobre POR 03:38:29
3 ognjen stojanovic SRB 03:39:06
4 Fernando Zorrilla Medrano ESP 03:39:22
5 louis naeyaert BEL 03:40:58
6 Guillem Montiel Moreno ESP 03:41:18
7 Ondrej Kubo SVK 03:41:28
8 Christophe De Keyser BEL 03:42:48
9 Dario Giovine ITA 03:42:53
10 Jan Fly CZE 03:45:27


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