Antonio Benito runner-up in the LD Triathlon World in Ibiza

The title has been for Clement Mignon

Today, within the framework of the 2023 Multisport World Cup in Ibiza, the LD Triathlon World Championship.

In the test that has been disputed under the format of 3 km of swimming, 116 km of cycling and 30 km of running on foot had a good poster of professionals and Spaniards.

The first to come out of the water was Richard Varga and Joshua Amberger with a 24-second advantage over a group of 6 that included Antonio Benito and Clement Mignon.

On the bike the leading group was unified with Mignon, Bogen, Varga, Benito, De Keyser, Amberger, but little by little they separated to go through the first lap with Bogen, Mignon and Benito in the lead.

In T2 the first to arrive was Bogen with a 25 second advantage over Mignon and 2:38 over Benito who was in third position.

In the foot race, Benito, with a large segment, was cutting time from his opponents to reach the lead in the second round.

From there he increased his lead to go through the third lap with a 37 second lead over Mignon and 1:48 over James Teagle.

On the fourth lap there was a nice duel between Benito and Mignon who maintained their difference, although shortly after the end Mignon managed to overtake the Spaniard.

Finally, Clement mignon he got the victory and the world title with a time of 5:17:17 followed by Antonio Benito (5:17:49) which has been second. third was matt traumman (5: 19: 52).

This is the time table between the first 2 classified

Segment Clement mignon Antonio Benito
Swimming 00:36:13 00:36:06
1st transition 00:02:27 00:02:14
Cycling 02:48:22 02:50:56
2nd Transition 00:03:04 00:02:34
Career 01:47:13 01:46:00
Total time 05:17:17 05:17:49

As for the Spanish Fernando Zorrilla it was 11º, Pello Osoro 15º, Víctor Arroyo 19º, Eneko Llanos 21º and Alberto Molins 23 º

Men's 10 Top

MARKET STALL Athlete Country Time difference to the leader
1 Clement mignon FRA 05:17:17 -
2 Antonio Benito Lopez ESP 05:17:49 + 00: 00: 32
3 Matt Trautman RSA 05:19:52 + 00: 02: 35
4 Tristan Olij NED 05:20:20 + 00: 03: 03
5 Joshua Amberger AUS 05:21:33 + 00: 04: 16
6 Ondrej Kubo SVK 05:22:36 + 00: 05: 19
7 James Teagle GBR 05:22:54 + 00: 05: 37
8 Kenneth Vandendriessche BEL 05:23:12 + 00: 05: 55
9 Kacper Stepniak POL 05:24:42 + 00: 07: 25
10 Samuel Huerzeler SUI 05:25:20 + 00: 08: 03

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