• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Antonio Benito and Hanne de Vet win the TradeINN Zarauzko Triatloia 2024

For yet another year, Zarautz and its surroundings have become a true triathlon festival, where 760 participants, both elite and popular, faced the 1,9 kilometers of swimming between Getaria and Zarautz, the 80 kilometers of cycling including the Wall of San Blas and the climb to Meagas, and finally a 20 kilometer running race.

The day began with a strong current and overcast skies, conditions that added an extra level of difficulty to the competition.

The Belgian Hanne de Vet, the British Stephanie Laura Clutterbuck, Helene Alberi, Sofía Aguayo, Judith Corachán and Ainhoa ​​Murua led the female category, breaking the race before the halfway point of the first segment.

Hanne de Vet He increased his advantage kilometer by kilometer with respect to Clutterbuck to reach T2 with a considerable advantage,

Clutterbuck tried to get close to De Vet in the foot race but the Belgian remained unreachable. De Vet celebrated her first victory in Zarautz, followed by Clutterbuck and Helene Alberdi, who secured third place on the podium.

In the men's category, the first quintet to leave the water was led by Antonio Benitoclosely followed by Guillem Rojas, Carlos Oliver, Luis Miguel Velásquez y Emilio Aguayo. Further behind, he sailed Fernando Zorrilla.

As soon as we got out of the water, the rain began to fall, making the cycling segment more dangerous with the wet floor. Several falls occurred in the first kilometers, including one by Emilio Aguayo.

Despite the incident, Aguayo rejoined the competition alongside Carlos Oliver, who was in third position. Oliver and Aguayo passed Benito and continued together until the San Blas Wall, where Oliver took advantage of his cycling ability to distance himself from him.

In the race on foot, Antonio Benito He cut Oliver's lead, chasing him at the height of the Malecón and overtaking him at kilometer 10. Benito not only won, but set a new record with a time of 3:49:37, breaking his own previous record.

Carlos Oliver finished in second position and Fernando Zorrilla completed the men's podium.

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