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Antonio Serrat shuffles into Javier Gómez Noya's training group

Carlos David Prieto, Noya's coach, will be the new technical director of the Pontevedra Technification Center

We echo the news published by the newspaper where they say that the dismissal of Omar González as coach of the Galician Triathlon Federation he has left the athlete from Vigo without a coach Antonio Serrat.

Carlos Prieto has offered to stay in Pontevedra in the sub-23 group and train occasionally with Gómez Noya's group , although Antonio is evaluating other options,

The Galician have had to train on their own to face the last competitions of the season, including the last round of the World Series, on August 31, or the Spanish Olympic Distance Championship, to be held next week in A Coruña.

«This year the situation was a bit tense in the Technification Center because there was a change of president and from the first moment it was known that Omar was going to be fired.

But months passed, it did not happen and the situation was rare ", explains Serrat, who affirms that the dismissal of González "It caught me a little out of place because I was in Switzerland, two days after the last World Cup event.

There I found out that he was no longer my coach and it was a bit strange because then I was in Switzerland for a week, I still went to Banyoles to run a World Cup and last week I stayed with him to talk and he told me that he was no longer ours coach.

So I don't know if it's your fault or the Federation's fault, but the fact is that right now I am without a coach and saving the races that I have left organizing myself, engaging people who are working here in Vigo«

The triathlete especially regrets the reaction of his former coach, with whom he had been working for six seasons: «I was sorry because, once he was fired, he broke up and threw in the towel.

I think that apart from being my coach at the Center, there was a greater bond than just a scholarship. And to see that from one day to the next he goes by his side and he doesn't even propose a project to continue with it ...

Everyone is free to do what they want, but I hoped that since we started the season together, we would also finish it at least and when we finished we could have sat down to see what we were doing".

After the dismissal of Omar González, the Technification Center in Pontevedra contacted Serrat. «The new technical director, who is Carlos David Prieto, Gómez Noya's coach, stayed with me to tell me his plan and I'm thinking about what to do.

Because they offer me to stay in Pontevedra with people who are growing, in the under-23 group, and train occasionally with Gómez Noya's group.

It would be an honor for me to train with Javi's group, but all year longor », explains Vigo, who also has offers from international groups with world athletes.

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