Antonio Serrat leader of the World Series

The Spanish triathlete Antonio Serrat after the fifth place achieved yesterday in Abu Dhabi, has become the leader of the World Triathlon ranking, leading by 40 points to second Tim Hellwig.

Serrat has risen four places with the points obtained yesterday added to the fifth position of Hamburg have earned him to become leader of the WTS.

Male ranking

Rank First Name Last Name YES Country
1 Antonio Serrat Seoane 1995 ESP
2 Tim Hellwig 1999 GER
3 Léo Bergere 1996 FRA
4 Lasse Nygaard-Priester 1995 GER
5 Jelle Geens 1993 BEL
6 Paul Georgenthum 2000 FRA
6 Vincent Luis 1989 FRA
8 In my opinion Bicsák 1995 HUN
9 Pierre Le Run 1990 FRA
10 Márk Dévay 1996 HUN

Female ranking

Rank First Name Last Name YES Country
1 Summer Rappaport 1991 USA
2 Laura Lindemann 1996 GER
3 Flora Duffy 1987 BER
4 Nicole Van Der Kaay 1996 NZL
4 Georgia Taylor-Brown 1994 GBR
6 Sian Rainsley 1997 GBR
7 Sophie Coldwell 1995 GBR
8 Erika Ackerlund 1996 USA
9 Zsanett Bragmayer 1994 HUN
9 Jessica Learmonth 1988 GBR



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