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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Antonio Serrat and Miriam Casillas climb the podium in the World Cup in China

Antonio was second, Miriam third and Vicente Hernández fifth in one of the last races of the season. 

This morning has been disputed in the Chinese town of Weihai, a Triathlon World Cup where we had the presence of several Spaniards, where with a great performance Antonio Serrat has achieved second position while Miriam Casillas He returns to the podium with a third place.

Swimming was fast, where Polyansky and Van Riel took the lead followed by the group. In the cycling sector, a group arrived with Gundersen, Van Riel, Yee and Schomburg to the T2 with 25 seconds ahead of the chasing group.

Finally the victory in the men's event has been for the Norwegian Gustav Iden with a time of 1: 53: 11 followed by Spanish Antonio Serrat and for the British Alex Yee. Vicente Hernández has been fifth while Uxio Abuín did not finish the test

Men's Classification

Gustav Iden 01:53:11
Antonio Serrat Seoane 01:53:26
Alex Yee 01:53:30
Lasse Lührs 01:53:40
Vicente Hernandez 01:54:11
Alois Knabl 01:54:30
Shachar Sagiv 01:54:41
Dmitry Polyanskiy 01:54:49
Alessandro Fabian 01:55:02


 In the female category, the victory has been for the Italian Anna Maria Mazzeti with a time of 2: 08: 02 followed by the North American Taylor Spivey and for the Spanish Miriam Casillas that came in third position.

After the swim a group of 5 triathletes was formed with Miriam Casillas, Peterer, Mazetti, Spivey and Takahashi arriving 1:30 ahead of the chasing group at T2. Mazetti and Spivey left alone in the foot race for the Italian to achieve victory.

In the rest of the Spanish participation has been as follows: Anna Godoy 19º, Marta Sanchez 20º and Cecilia Santamaría 25o.

Female classification

Taylor Spivey 02:08:02
Anna Maria Mazzetti 02:08:13
Miriam Casillas García 02:09:07
Perterer 02:09:27
Ai Ueda 02:09:35
Vendula Frintova 02:09:45
Yuko Takahashi 02:09:56
Claire Michel 02:09:57
Julia Hauser 02:10:40
Chelsea Burns 02:10:44

It continues to demonstrate the quality of the Spanish triathletes who continue to add podium throughout the planet.

Photo: Twiiter @maisqueauga

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