Postponed the championships of Spain and the World that were going to be celebrated in Segovia

The Triathlon Federation of castilla y León has announced the postponement of the Spanish Duathlon Championship that was to be held in Segovia on April 28 and 29.

The reasons explained in the statement sent by the Federation have been, firstly, "the lack of money for its development, with minimums such as those that a Championship of this magnitude deserves", as well as "the impossibility of being able to perform it on stage most suitable in the city of Segovia”.

Likewise, it is explained that "the Segovia City Council and the Autonomous Federation have tried to find the best way to organize it but, due to the lack of economic resources -since it was only confirmGiven the economic budget of the Segovia City Council–, and the difficulties in obtaining Traffic permits –since it is a day of restrictions due to the festive bridge on May 1st–, the decision has been made to suspend it since it did not obtain minimum security and suitability for athletes.

This project was linked to the celebration of the Duathlon World Cup in 2013 and the construction of a modernization module in Segovia, "but the lack of involvement of the Spanish Federation in the entire project has meant that sufficient financial support has not been obtained for develop said project. Both from the Federation of castilla y León as well as the Segovia City Council are looking for the option of postponing it so that, with the possible and necessary support of the Spanish Federation, they can obtain sufficient financial means to celebrate it”, as the statement concludes.


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