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Ashleigh Gentle and Tyler Mislawchuck win the Mooloolaba World Cup

Vicente Hernández has been the best Spanish classified with the 11º put

This morning has been disputed in Mooloodaba (Australia) a new edition of the world cup where the Australian victory was won Ashleigh Gentle  and Canadian Tyler Mislawchuck.

The Spaniards who will be in the test are Antonio Serrat, Vicente Hernández, Miriam Casillas, Marta Sanchez y Carolina Routier.

The test that began at 4 in the morning Spanish time began with the 750 meters of swimming, where a duet was formed with Kelly Anne Perkins and Emma Jeffcoat leaving the water with a few seconds of advantage over the rest of the group. Carolina Routier came out at 40 seconds and Miriam Casillas at 46.

In the 20-kilometer cycling segment, a group of 28 units where Routier and Miriam Casillas were joined to arrive next to T2. Marta Sánchez finally retired in this segment.

In the first kilometers of the race on foot, the Australian Asheigh Gentle he was tracing positions to gradually get as leader to finally get the victory in a time of 58: 15 followed by the North American Reene Tomlin (58: 21) and by the Italian Angelica Olmo (58: 25) occupying the third final position. As for the Spanish Miriam Casillas it was 18ª and Carolina Routier 24o.

Women's classification World cup triatlobn moolloodaba 2019

The men's race started at 6 in the morning Spanish time, with the 750 swimming meters where Tyler Mislawchuck was the fastest coming out ahead with 5 seconds ahead of the rest of the group who came out very stretched. Vicente Hernández came out in fifth position and Antonio Serrat in the ninth to 10 seconds.

In the cycling segment he was rolling together, arriving at T2 very stretched to decide everything in the 5 km of running on foot.

In the first meters, Sam Ward came out with a strong rhythm, although little by little the Canadian Tyler Mislawchuck He was cutting time to reach the head of the race easily that he did not leave until the end where he got the victory with a time of 52:14 followed by the Australian Brandon Copeland (52:19) and by the German Valentin Wernz (55: 22) occupying the third final position.

As for the Spanish Vicente Hernández it was eleventh and Antonio Serrat 31 º

Men's classification World cup triatlob moolloodaba 2019

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