A fitness star will run 50 ironmans in 50 days for a charitable cause

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Fitness athlete and mother of three, Ashley Horner, 34, has announced that she is taking on this challenge to support an orphanage in Haiti. 

Not the first time Ashley horner does triathlon, although he has never done a challenge like that of Complete 50 Ironman distance triathlons in just 50 days. The challenge will begin August's 12 in Haiti. 


With the exception of the first and last Ironman that will do them in Haiti, Horner will face the rest in the United States, The circuits will be uploaded to Strava

«I fell in love with the people of Haiti the first time I visited and I was in the Maison Fortuné orphanage many times with my own children«Says Horner. «Every day, MFO serves more than 700 meals, teaches more than 300 children and offers stable homes for almost 200 boys and girls«.

All funds raised through the page MightyCause "Woman of iron" will be donated to the foundation that supports the orphanage, according to Horner. At this moment he has already raised 3.000 $

Horner is not the first time to make a challenge of this style, last year he completed 370 kilometers of running race through the mountains of Haiti pTo raise $ 65.000 for the same orphanage. On this occasion, she suffered a serious injury to her left ankle that has left her without running for 6 months, but she says that she faces the challenge of the 50 Ironman practically 100%.

A fitness star will run 50 ironmans in 50 days for a charitable cause,images__stories_noticias_08_Ashley-Horner-50-ironman-orphanage

As a fitness athlete, she has adapted a diet for this new challenge. «I am on a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet, with carbohydrates adjusted to withstand a harder workout.

This periodization of carbohydrates is used by a large number of ultra-endurance athletes, and is similar to the techniques used by certain professional cycling teams, "he explains.

"Most of my training in the morning is fasting. I have done enough long distance races to know that, looking to the future, I can plan what I think my body will want and need, but when you are really competing you may want something completely different.

Therefore, throughout these long days, I will try that everything I have been practicing remains the same; However, I will feed my body with whatever I want just to keep the reservoir full «.

Further information: https://www.ashleyhorner.co

Information via triathlete.com / photos ashleyhorner.co

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