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That's what they call the new Usain Bolt with only 7 years

Last week he completed 60 meters in 8.69 seconds and the 100 meters in 13.48.

The young American athlete Rudolph Ingram ya points out ways despite his young age. Rudolph is an American boy who has been amazed at the world of athletics for his skills for some time.

On numerous occasions he has shown how fast it is achieving amazing marks for someone of his age besides having stood out for its agility.

Born in Florida, it is known as 'Blaze' (flare) and accumulates numerous successes and medals as a runner.

His last exhibition occurred last week in a competition developed on track. At that appointment he completed the test of 60 meters in 8.69 seconds and of 100 meters, in 13.48. In view of your records already he is compared to the Jamaican Usain Bolt.

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However, this prodigy stands out beyond its speed. He has also excelled in American football for its agility, as it has an amazing ability to overcome rivals.

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A publication shared by Blaze The Great (@blaze_813) el

Despite his young age he is a celebrity in Instagram (He has more than 300.000 followers) and has impressed even LeBron James himself.

You only have 7 years so you still have time to decide why you bet sports. Of what there is no doubt is that with its potential will shine choose the one you choose.

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