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Astromad 2014, a spectacular place

The next 22 of June the Regional Park of the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares will count with the celebration of the fifth edition of Astromad.

Astromad, Triathlon Half Distance of the Community of Madrid He opened the inscriptions on the past 1 of September for his Half test. In a spectacular tour the triathletes will have to face 1.900m by swimming, 87km on the bike and finishing with 21km finishing the event in the town of Manzanares del Real.



In an interview with the President of the Astromad Sports Association Juan Antonio Melguizo tells us any of the news for this edition:

In this 5th edition of Astromad, it will run in different days the modality "Olympic"(June 21 day) and the"middle distance"(June 22 day).

In the "Olympic" modality the drafting will be allowed, the bike circuit will be 10 km (completely flat - very fast-) which will be 4 turns, and will be closed to traffic. The distance of the middle distance will be identical to that of the previous edition.

What offers the headquarters of Manzanares del Real to the triathlete?

A spectacular, incomparable spot, which can be enjoyed in all segments of the triathlon.

What would you say to the public to compete in Astromad?

You can not miss a race in such a privileged environment, being a maximum of all the components of the organization (volunteers, secretarial staff responsible for each segment ... etc.) Reach the triathlete and make him feel at home, among friends.

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