They run over a triathlete in the La Rioja Triathlon

We echo the news published by the, where they comment that a triathlete has been run over by a vehicle when he was contesting the test.

According to reports, a tourist has run over a cyclist, minutes after 15.30 p.m., at the crossroads of Vara de Rey, Poeta Prudencio and Club Deportivo streets.

In the words of eyewitnesses, a Seat Leon Rojo, Coming from the Cascajos neighborhood, instead of turning towards Vara de Rey, it has continued straight ahead, taking the cyclist ahead, who has been thrown into the air and has hit another car, which was stopped at the traffic light at Club Deportivo, at the height of the BM supermarket.

The triathlete, who was conscious, has been helped by citizens who were in the area, including a nurse, and police officers, until the arrival of an ambulance for transfer to the hospital.

Apparently the driver of the tourism has misunderstood the indications of the agent who was regulating traffic at the intersection and has interpreted that he should go straight instead of turning right.

According to reports from the SOS RIOJA 112 Coordination Center, the Police have notified the event and even the place shan went to health resources from the Spanish Red Cross displaced in support of the sports event.

After an assessment by a doctor of the injured cyclist, and in the field hospital prepared for the test in the Adarraga area, the injured cyclist was transferred to the emergency service of the Los Manzanos de Lardero Clinic.

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