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Banyoles will host an international triathlon competition again in 2023

It will be held for the 13th consecutive year

Banyoles It will be, one more year, the headquarters of the International Triathlon that will be held for the 13th consecutive year in the city.

Unlike last year, the test will be held again in July, specifically on the 22nd and 23rd, and The presence of some 1.500 athletes is expected.

They will dispute the Youth Triathlon European Championship and the events of the National League of Triathlon Clubs and the Talent League of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, the Spanish Triathlon Championships for Clubs and Mixed Relays, and Mixed Talent Relay.

The international triathlon federations have once again chosen Banyoles as the venue to hold international competitions.

The surroundings of the Estany will be the space in which the Youth Triathlon European Championship yel Spanish Championship for mixed relay in a triathlon weekend that will return to the month of July, unlike the last editions when it was held between the months of August and September.

The Banyoles Half Triathlon changes the date

The change of dates of the International Triathlon has forced the Banyoles Half Triathlon to also move, the medium distance triathlon, which will take place on Sunday, September 3, unlike previous years that had been held in June.

This test will coincide with the 37th Triathlon of Catalonia, the dean test of triathlon in Spain.

Mayor Miquel Noguer has highlighted that "the firm commitment of the city of Banyoles to triathlon, consolidating for the 13th consecutive year the international events of this sport that has a long tradition in our country”.

"This year there will be two weekends that we will dedicate to triathlon, since the Catalan Championship and the Half Triathlon will be held in September” added the mayor.

The mayor has also thankedone more year the confidence of the federations, both Catalan and Spanish and international" and wanted "to acknowledge and sincerely thank the people who voluntarily get involved in the organization of the test".

For his part, the director of Competitions of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, Jorge Garcia, has highlighted that "Banyoles is the only Spanish city in which we have held a sports event consecutively for 13 years”.

"We always want to offer new proposals and that is why this year we have a pure club competition for the first time in Spain, such as the Spanish Triathlon Championship for Sprint Clubsadded Garcia.

During the Banyoles International Triathlon weekend, in addition to the commented tests, the Spanish Triathlon Championship for Mixed Supersprint Relay and the Spanish Triathlon Championship for Mixed Talent Relay will also be held.

The presentation of these tests has also been attended by the Councilor for Sports of the Banyoles City Council, Jordi Congost and Joan Domènech as a representative of the Catalan Triathlon Federation

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