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Banyoles a test for London by Javier Gómez Noya

Javier Gómez Noya will participate on Sunday July 31 in the Triathlon of Banyoles, Olympic Distance scoring for the European Cup. In principle, he did not have this test planned in his schedule, but he has decided to dispute it as a test for London on August 7, in the 2012 Olympic route: “In Hamburg I was not satisfied with sixth place and although I have trained very well the following two weeks, I have decided to face Banyoles to feel again in competition. I also think it is good that I participate in an international triathlon in Spain, both to support the organization and to serve as a stimulus to the young Spaniards who make the European Cup circuit.".

The level will be lower than that of the World Cup or World Cup, but there is a triathlete who can force him to squeeze himself: “there is the Slovak Varga, habitual leader in swimming of the World Series. The ideal would be to go out with him and pull hard on the bike, maybe with some more like Pedro Miguel Reig, a Spanish of great level in swimming. And thus being able to do the last phase with comfort, going out to the top and then maintaining the advantage. But if a great squad is formed during cycling, it will be necessary to change tactics ”.

Being only a week before London does not consider it harmful, quite the contrary: “I have already demonstrated other times that I perform well with two Olympic triathlons in a row. The wear, if you have lowered the intensity of training days before, is not much greater than if you are in a cycle of strong sessions every day

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