Breaking the world record in Zwift, 1.008 km in 24 hours, in a solidarity marathon

More than $ 200.000 was raised

Last Friday, April 24, a solidarity marathon that lasted 24 hours was held in Zwift to raise funds against Covid-19.

 39 teams in total with 418 participants. 3 did 24 hours

All the teams and runners took turns completing the 24 hours on the roller.

But how special it is there were 3 cyclists, who did everything complete, making the winner more than 1.00 kilometers

The first was the 25-year-old Canadian Travis samuel who completed the 24 hours making a whopping 1.008 kilometers, beating the previous record of 988 kilometers,

As for the average of their participation, it was 42,1 km / hour, spending no more than 30 minutes off the bike (going to the bathroom, etc.)

The other two riders who completed the solo challenge were Ed veal (952 km) and Bruce bird (945 km)

Has raised over $ 200.000

This charity marathon was organized to support frontline healthcare workers at Michael Garron Hospital and power buy sanitary equipment to protect yourself from COVID-19.

La initial goal of $ 75,000 The team more than doubled when participants and donors joined together to raise more than $ 200,000 for the cause.

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