Beth Potter wins the Abu Dhabi World Series

Today the first date of 2023 of the Triathlon World Series where in the women's event the victory has gone to Beth Potter from United Kingdom.

The test has been disputed under the sprint distance and Potter has won with a time of 00:57:57.

Second place went to her teammate Sophie Coldwell, who was penalty for starting a late start forcing her to serve a 10-second penalty, which cost her the win.

The third position went to Taylor Spivey, from the United States, with a time of 00:58:28.

Female Top 10:

Pos Athlete Time Country
1 Beth Potter 00:57:57 GBR
2 Sophie Coldwell 00:58:15 GBR
3 Taylor Spivey 00:58:28 USA
4 Summer Rappaport 00:58:36 USA
5 Lena Meißner 00:58:40 GER
6 Cassandre Beaugrand 00:58:40 FRA
7 Nina Eim 00:58:46 GER
8 Emma lombi 00:58:47 FRA
9 Verena Steinhauser 00:58:49 ITA
10 Lisa Tertsch 00:58:54 GER

Results of the Spanish

Regarding the Spanish participation, Miriam Casillas She has been our best triathlete, finishing the test in 12th position with a time of 00:58:59, being one minute and two seconds behind the winner.

Anna Godoy y Marta Pintanel they were in positions 23 and 24 respectively, with times of 00:59:22 and 00:59:24 each.

Noelia Juan was 42nd and Sara Guerrero 50th.

Job title Athlete Time
12 Miriam Casillas García 00:58:59
23 Anna Godoy Contreras 00:59:22
24 Marta Pintanel Raymundo 00:59:24
42 Noelia Juan 01:00:53
50 Sara Guerrero Manso 01:01:25

There are no previous results.

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