Bilbao Triathlon will host the Spanish Media Distance Championship in 2020

In principle the date will be the same as this year, the first weekend of October, depending on the tides

It's official: at 2020 the Bilbao Triahtlon will be the seat of Championship of Spain of Average Distance.

Among the many novelties that the Spanish Triathlon Federation has announced for the ccompetition calendar Next year, there is the recognition towards the test of the capital of Bizkaia as the ideal scenario for the dispute to know who is the best triathlete in the country.

This is another example of the organization for continuing to grow, improving the test and once again becoming a reference appointment in both the national and international calendar. It is intended to place participation in figures close to a thousand people.

The date will be the October 3

In principle, waiting for the tide table of 2020, the date of the Ninth edition will be Saturday 3 October. Identical to this year's, placing the first weekend of this month as a reference for all triathletes.

The good temperatures that are lived in the north zone at the end of the summer season and the beginning of autumn make it a Ideal period for the practice of triathlon.

The estuary has an ideal temperature after the summer months and complies with the sanitary measures required by all federative authorities and their regulations.

Circuit improvements are already being designed

Thus, once the celebration of the Bilbao Triathlon 2019 is finished and the evaluation of the points to improve, the organizers, Innevento Sports and Trikirol, claim to be already designing the new circuits Looking forward to next year.

The hallmarks that this test wants to respect are clear: the estuary will be the protagonist in swimming, the bike will be between mountains around Bilbao and the running race will run through the city center.

The triathlete's safety the most important

Always keeping in mind that the safety of the participants is the most important and with the support of the Bilbao City Council, the Diputación de Bizkaia and all the security forces.

What is intended is to affect citizens as little as possible while offering the possibility to enjoy a unique experience swimming in the Bilbao estuary, enjoying the views and roads of Biscay and the spirits of the people present in the city center. .

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