Bizkaia Triathlon suspended

To be held in 2021

The test that was going to be held on May 30 and 31, 2020 has decided to postpone it until 2021.

The organization has published the following statement:

Dear triathletes:

We get in touch with you to give you very sad news as a result of the problem we are experiencing because of Covid-19.

Given the uncertainty of what will happen in the next dates with all the triathlons on our calendar, we are forced to suspend the Bizkaia Triathlon 2020 and postpone it until 2021.

The new measures with restrictions on leaving the house to carry out any type of physical activity, together with the lack of training, condemn the tests, in the event that they take place from July, on having athletes who are poor in form and motivated.

We know how difficult it is to prepare for these types of tests and the risk involved in running them without adequate preparation.

In recent weeks we have considered the possibility of transferring our test to dates after summer, but the lack of free weekends, as well as the fact that part of our collaborators are going through a bad economic moment and cannot cope with programmed aid (as is understandable), makes us be forced to suspend the test permanently.

We understand that the suspension of the test leads you to wonder what happens with your registration, but you must understand that the organization of this type of events involves a series of expenses already incurred by us (IT, RRSS, posters, administrative, RockTheSport ...).

For all this, and making the greatest effort, from the Bizkaia Triathlon organization we propose the following solution:

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In the next dates we will indicate what will be the way to act to return the registration.


Biscay Triathlon.

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