Blanchart vs Amatriain in the Challenge barcelona

Next September 30, Challenge Barcelona will become the epicenter of long distance nationally by hosting the Spanish Championship of this modality in a test that will attract both national and international triathletes who will come one more year to enjoy this circuit.

With a maximum capacity of 1500 participants, and the numbers about to run out, Challenge Barcelona has already attracted the best triathletes who will fight to win this desired title.

Among the most relevant names we can count on the presence of Raul Amatriain, Spanish Long Distance Champion 2011, and Miquel Blanchart, Spanish Medium Distance Champion and European LD in 2011.

Miquel and Raúl are people of "flesh and blood", simple people, humble and fighter, with very clear goals to which unites the passion for this great sport, the Triathlon.

On the occasion of their participation the next 30 of September in Challenge Barcelona from the organization we wanted to get a little closer to them, making them a brief and entertaining interview with the objective of getting up close to their thoughts, manias, customs and concerns ... before and during the competition, enjoy it!

A hobby / habit before starting the competition

AMATRIAIN: Generally I usually put on the necklaces, clean the glass of my glasses and chat with the rest, but I have no special hobby. I am a very calm guy and the only thing I try is to convince myself that the work is done and that it only remains to enjoy during the test.

BLANCHART: I have no hobbies, but customs if, warm up and especially just before starting to talk to myself and tell me ... Come you trained ... this is the prize!

What breakfast do you have before a long distance test?

AMATRIAIN: It depends on the circumstances, if I am in a hotel I adapt a little to what there is, although lately I buy cereals, yogurt and toast, due to some bad experience and a coffee, which is what I usually eat at home. And if there are buns they cannot be missing. I don't have a strict diet or anything like that.

BLANCHART: Whole milk with Nesquik and Cornflakes cereals.

When you are at the exit, do you reach the favorites?

AMATRIAIN: I think it is more important to care about yourself than about others. I focus on myself, my obsession is to enjoy and above all to give everything I have inside. That is the only goal and the objective in each test, to feel proud of having given everything. This will entail a position, but it is not what I am looking for in the exit. That does not mean that he does not go out to win or anything like that.

BLANCHART: Yes always!

In a tough moment in the competition, what gives you the strength to continue?

AMATRIAIN: What I try with all this is to know my limits, to improve myself ... so it's really what I'm looking for, to get to that moment where you're dead, but the only thought must be that you can always do more and you have to try. When I'm very touched I think I really do Triathlon to look for that feeling, so we have to keep exploring a bit more and try to raise the rhythm ...

BLANCHART: Think of everything I've done to get there, and think of my girlfriend who is always by my side.

What is the first thing you do at the end of a competition?

AMATRIAIN: Find my people. Whenever my parents can come to see me, Gorka my coach, my brother Iñigo, my girlfriend Jaione ... for me they are fundamental and it would not be the same without them. I would not understand this without your company. Not only is it competing, it is something else that encompasses the journey itself, not just the race. At the end of all this I will have the memory of the good times that we have spent there, more than medals, trophies ...

BLANCHART: Embrace someone and if it's my girlfriend or a family member or friend, the better.

A promise if you win

AMATRIAIN: If that happened I would say any madness, but I am a kind of word and I would not like to promise something that I could not fulfill later. So better first I consult with "the boss" and then we'll see ... J. Anyway it's my first experience in an Ironman and I have too much respect to think about winning.

BLANCHART: There is something I would love to do if I can win this test, but we have to wait for this day to know;). Of course, there is a promise that I always have in mind. Keep working hard to continue enjoying the Triathlon!

This year, Challenge Barcelona, ​​will be the prelude to the European Middle Distance Championship that will be held next 2013, a unique opportunity to participate hand in hand with the best triathletes of the moment while being able to enjoy the splendid landscapes during the course cyclist that offers the Maresme coast.

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