Good conditions for the celebration of the XI Winter Triathlon "Valle de Ansó"

This Sunday is the eleventh edition of the Winter Triathlon "Valle de Ansó", Aragon Championship of the modality.

After several weeks of uncertainty due to the absence of snow, throughout this week there have been a series of snowfalls that have allowed the Linza Cross Country Circuit to be conditioned. In the current situation, the circuit on which we are working has a length of just over 2500 meters, which will have to be completed 4 laps.

Regarding the participation, after the closing of the inscriptions yesterday afternoon, a total of 74 participants have been confirmed, of which 14 are women. On the part of the organization, the figure is considered as good, participation similar to that of the 2009 edition, when the test was also the Aragon Championship. With the winter so adverse for the practice of cross-country skiing, with a shortage of snow on the circuits, the sole celebration of the competition is considered a success. However, there is a bitter aftertaste, since with the growth that the modality is experiencing in the last two years, it was hoped that it would surpass the figure of 100 participants and approach the 180 of last year, when the test was Championship of Spain. But the few possibilities to train the ski and the uncertainty before the celebration of the test, have been able to reduce the participation.

As for proper names, the level of the test is going to be very high. In the men's category, there will be the participation of up to 7 triathletes classified in the top 10 of the Spanish Winter Triathlon Championship, held in Reinosa two weeks ago: Jon Erguin, from Trigoi TT, runner-up in Spain; Sergio Gimeno, bronze, from the Foncasa Calatayud Duathlon; Juan Carlos Apilluelo, 4th (Mayencos Brico-Jaca Triathlon); Miguel López "Coix", 6th (Stadium Casablanca); Iker Rozas, 6th (Lagunak Saltoki); Mikel de la Presa, 9th ( Triathlon Standard); Jesús A. Gª Colás, 10th (Foncasa Calatayud Duathlon).

In addition, the Duathlon Foncasa Calatayud, Champion of Spain by teams, is presented in Linza with all its potential.

In the female category, the presence of the Spanish Champion in Reinosa, Mónica Sáez, of the Mayencos Brico-Jaca Triathlon, a team that also climbed to the first step of the podium of the Spanish Championship and will try to do the same in Ansó.

On Saturday afternoon will take place the delivery of numbers and the Technical Meeting of the test. The start will be given at 10 am on Sunday and the triathletes will have to travel 3 laps (7 km) to a circuit through the steep and cobbled streets of Ansó. After the change to the bicycle, you will go up to Linza, a 5 km route that has a moderate profile, without excessive harshness. The transition to cross-country skiing will be located next to the refuge and the participants will travel 20 km, 10 laps, to a circuit with little unevenness and little technical difficulty, taking the section of maximum hardness on a slope of about 4 meters.

It is estimated that the first classified will take one hour and XNUMX minutes to complete the test, while the most popular athletes will last up to three hours of competition.

It should be noted that the organization of the event, the Ansó City Council, the Linza Sports Society, the Talón Libre Sports Association and the Mayencos Pirineísta Club, have joined the collaboration of the institutions, as well as tourism companies and services of the Valley and the Region, without which would not have been possible to hold the test.


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