CT Diablillos de Rivas, champion of the national ranking of 2013 clubs

After the conclusion of the 2013 competition season, after the celebration last weekend of the Spanish Duathlon Cros Championship, CT Devils of Rivas has been proclaimed champion of the National Ranking of 2013 Clubs.




The Madrid team rises with the victory second consecutive year, after getting a total of 2664 points throughout the current season. For its part, the CN Prat is ranked second after conquering 2036 points, while the Ecosport Triathlon Alcobendas reaches third place with 1965 points.


El National Ranking of Clubs is a continuous classification of triathlon clubs, whose teams can score in a total of 22 Championships, adding in each competition the points obtained by their men's and women's teams. Likewise, 10 men's and 10 women's Championships can be discarded, in such a way that the ranking only includes the 12 best scores achieved in the various competitions by the men's teams, and the 12 best scores from the women's teams. The result of the final classification of the ranking is made by adding these 24 scores at most.


National Ranking of 2013 Clubs




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