Calendar popular races and stockings and marathon in the "new normal"

We echo this news published by Practico deporte, which reflects the popular racing schedule, on Route and Trail Running that are going to be disputed in these next months.

It has been approved in the General Assembly of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), after the suspension of all competitions on March 8 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They will only be held if the evolution of the pandemic allows it.

The president of the RFEA, Raúl Chapado, warned that «only if the evolution of the pandemic and the measures adopted by the competent public authorities allow these competitions to be held, because the protection of people's health from athletics continues to be a priority ».

2020 calendar popular races

These are some of the main races on the national calendar that are confirming their new dates for the last months of the year.

September 12

  • 10K Huelva Bridge of Discovery
  •  Reinosa's Night Mile

September 13

  • Madrid Run through Madrid

September 19

  • Azkoitia Half Marathon

September 20

  • Alicante Half Marathon
  •  Course of the Mercé of Barcelona
  • Pamplona City Half Marathon

September 26

  • 15k Valencia Night
  • Ibiza Half Marathon
  • 50-100 km from Cantabria

27 September:

  • Valladolid Half Marathon
  • X Cervantina Half Marathon of Alcalá de Henares
  • Las Galletas Half Marathon
  • San José race

October 2

  • Transvulcania Marathon

 October 3

  • 10 km en route Villa de Laredo
  • Ibiza Marathon

 October 4

  •    Half Marathon of Madrid
  • Bilbao Business Race
  • Marathon City of Logroño
  • Coruña Popular Race 10

October 10

  • Berango Mile

18 October:    

  • Elche Half Marathon
  • CSIC Madrid career
  • Popular Marathon of Castilla La Mancha Ciudad Real

24 October:    

  • Bilbao Night Marathon
  • El Paso Trail Blowout

October 25

  • Zurich Marató de Barcelona
  • Valencia Half Marathon
  • Madrid Half Marathon for Women
  • Garlic Costa Popular Race

 November 8

  • Malaga Half Marathon
  • Behobia San Sebastian
  • Mann-Filter Zaragoza Marathon

November 14

  • Haria Extreme Lanzarote

November 15

  • Madrid Marathon
  • Tenerife Marathon
  • Marathon d'Empuries
  • Costa Blanca Half Marathon

6 December

  • Valencia Marathon

7 December

  • Course of the Patrimoni Eivissa

13 December

  • Zurich Marathon Malaga
  • Seville Los Palacios Half Marathon
  • Las Paloma Trail

31 December

  • San Silvestre


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