TRITON Calendar 2024

El TRITON World Series returns to the scene in 2024 with its various competition formats.

The series will feature events in Portugal, Brazil, and soon in the United States.

TRITON is changing the face of triathlon, making athletes' minds stronger than their bodies.

TRITON: Innovation and Challenge

TRITON is not just a series of competitions; It is an invitation to be part of something that goes beyond the traditional triathlon.

Offering three different formats: a 3-day triathlon (TRITON main event), a 1-day triathlon (TRITON 1), and a gym competition to be announced soon, TRITON seeks to separate each sport into consecutive days, offering a unique experience for athletes.

Portugal: The Stage of Olympic Dreams

Portugal is once again the protagonist in the TRITON 2024 calendar, not only for its beauty and hospitality but also for being the stage where they will be able to qualify for the first world finals in 2025.

There will be two main events, TRITON 1 Lisbon on September 8, 2024 and TRITON 3 Portimao March 7-9, 2025

Brazil: The Passion of Triathlon in Salvador

Brazil, with its vibrant culture and passion for sports, hosts the TRITON Salvador the 14 for April.

This event will not only attract athletes from all over the world but also stands out for its ability to unite the intensity of triathlon with the Brazilian festive spirit.

United States: Coming Soon, A New Challenge

Although details about the event in United States They are yet to be announced, it is known that there will be a test in that country.

More information on its official page

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