Warm up the I MotorLand Aragón Half Triathlon

There will be prizes in cash for the 5 first classified 'scratch' male and female.

MotorLand Aragón organizes the 1st edition of the MotorLand Aragon Half Triathlon, 23 June 2019 will be held.

El Aragonese Circuit of the MotoGP World Championship has prepared a great event that offers the possibility of competing in an atypical and special landscape.

The objective of MotorLand: to generate an authentic Sport festival in the surroundings of Alcañiz. There will be prizes in cash for the 5 first classified 'scratch' male and female. The registration deadline will end next June 14

MotorLand prepares for the celebration of I MotorLand Aragón Half Triathlon. The appointment, to be held on 23 of June, will offer the triathletes the possibility of competing in the particular environment of the MotoGP circuit.

Absolute, Sub23, Veterans 1, Veterans 2 and Veterans 3 will be the categories of a test that will equally distribute cash prizes for the 5 first classified 'scratch' male and female: 500 € for the first, 300 € for the second, 200 € for the third, 100 € for the fourth and 60 € for the fifth.

The inscriptions, with a cost of 125 €, will remain open in www.motorlandaragon.com until June 14.

Swimming, cycling and running tours

The segment of Swimming will be held in La Estanca, reservoir located between Alcañiz and MotorLand, and will consist of 2 turns to a marked circuit.

The cycling section will cover the closest locations to the circuit, including Valmuel and Puig Moreno. 3 will be returned to a circuit whose maximum difficulty will be the so-called 'Climb to the Tips', of 4km and with steep slopes above the 7%.

The positive slope of the cycling section will be 442 meters, with an average slope of 2,5% and maximum of 12%. As for the race on foot, it will be developed entirely in the MotorLand speed circuit. The triathletes must complete 3 turns to a stretch that will have an increase / loss of elevation of 82,7 meters.

cycling profile mortorland trialtón
cycling profile mortorland trialtón

The cycle segment will be played with road bikes and in the 'No Drafting' mode. That is, it will not be allowed to circulate in a squad, having to comply with the following regulations: a participant will be considered to be infringing this rule when he is behind another participant inside an imaginary rectangle bounded by 12m long and 3m wide, taking as reference the rear wheel of the bicycle that precedes it.

profile run by mortorland trialtón
profile run by mortorland trialtón

Schedules of the MotorLand Aragón Half Triathlon

The collection of numbers will be made in the general paddock office of the MotorLand Aragón speed circuit.

The hours allowed for this will be: Saturday, 22 in June, 17: 00h in 21: 00h and Sunday, 23 in June, 6: 00h in 7: 00h. The openings of the transition zones will be Sunday itself: 1 zone, from 6: 30h to 7: 50h and zone 2, from 6: 00h to 7: 15h.

The exit of the test will be made to the 8: 00h, starting with the participants of the masculine categories and then the feminine ones. The trophy award ceremony will be held on the podium of the speed circuit from 14: 30h.

The competition will be regulated by the Aragonese Triathlon Federation, with the judges authorized by it being competent to regulate the event.

The MotorLand Aragón Half Triathlon will be governed by the competition regulations of the Spanish Triathlon Federation. It will be scoring for the Aragonese League of the discipline and the Ibercaja League of triathlon clubs.

Refreshments and gifts for triathletes

The organization has planned the following refreshments for the triathletes.

  • Cycling: solid and liquid in the 18, 48 and 78 kilometers.
  • Race on foot: liquid and fruit in the 0,2 kilometers; 3,5; 7,2; 10,5; 14,2 and 17,5 km.
  • Post race: solid and liquid in the paddock of the speed circuit.

In addition, all participants will receive a commemorative T-shirt of the event and a gift courtesy of the organization.

For more information and registration of the event:


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