Change in the ITU standard of uniformity in age groups

A change has been approved so that the age groups of the same federation can wear different uniforms.

The Executive Board of the ITU, with the unanimous support of the Technical Committee, has approved a change in the norm of uniformity in age groups, so that the GE athletes of the same National Federation that compete in an event can wear different uniforms, provided they are approved by the National Federation and the ITU.

So far, the 3.9 rule said: "Each National Federation can request the approval of a different design for each sport. You can request two uniform options for the athletes of the age group, which indicate which is the first option and which is the second option. However, all athletes of the same National Federation, competing in the same event, will carry the same distinctive design of the National Federation «.

The last sentence "all the athletes of the same FN ... will use the same design»It meant that all athletes were required to buy a new uniform each time the FN changed the design or the supplier.

By eliminating the last sentence of the rule, from now on the athletes of the National Federationl may wear different uniforms, provided they are approved

Hopefully this rule change is welcome by the age group communities, hopefully it will help to further increase the number of participating athletes by eliminating some existing barriers for some of them. It is also an acknowledgment of the voices and needs of our age groups.

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