Date Changes at TRITON Lisbon and Portimão

Lisbon and Portimão, two emblematic cities of our neighboring country, are preparing to host the next editions of TRITON that this 20224 come with significant changes in their dates. 

TRITON Lisbon: A Renewed Stage  

The TRITON Lisbon edition, now scheduled for 8 September of 2024, offers a unique opportunity to experience the competition in a spectacular setting.  

At TRITON Lisbon, participants can choose between three different distances 

  • Short Distance (SHORT): Includes 450 meters of swimming, 22.5 kilometers of cycling and 5.4 kilometers of running. 
  • Middle Distance (MIDDLE): It consists of 900 meters of swimming, 45 kilometers of cycling and 10.5 kilometers of running.  
  • Full Distance (FULL): This distance includes 1.8 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling and 21 kilometers of running 

 One of the most innovative features is the introduction of the “Mix & Match” division 

 This division allows participants to choose the distances they wish to compete in each of the triathlon disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. 

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TRITON Portimão: A Challenge on the Algarve Coast  

On the other hand, TRITON Portimão, which will be held from March 7 to 9, 2025, becomes the inaugural event of the season.  

TRITON Portimão is distinguished by its unique competition format, which divides the triathlon disciplines into three consecutive days. 

Competition Format

  • Day 1 (Friday afternoon): The competition begins with the swimming segment. 
  • Day 2 (Saturday morning): The day continues with cycling. 
  • Day 3 (Sunday morning): The competition culminates with the foot race. 

With varied distances in swimming (1.2 km, 2.4 km, 3.6 km), cycling (30 km, 60 km, 90 km) and running (7 km, 14 km, 21 km), Portimão establishes itself as an attractive challenge for triathletes of all levels. 

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These changes to the dates of TRITON Lisbon and Portimão not only offer new opportunities for triathletes, but also invite participants and their families to discover two cities with a lot to offer.  


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