Changes in the 2018 ITU Triathlon regulations

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The changes will take effect from January 10, 2018. Disc brakes, the ban on mobile devices and cameras, changes to the classification system are some of the measures that will change.

The Executive Council of the International Triathlon Union, meeting in Edmonton these days, has approved some important changes in the rules of competition 2018 for the season.

In the 2018 season, disc brakes will be allowed.

En Paratriathlon, from now on there will be nine classes as replacement of subclasses for PTVI and PTWC, with six Paratriathlon medals events remaining in 2017.

To prevent athletes from withdrawing from departure lists  of the tests in the previous weeks, the National Federations will only have 48 hours to make substitutions or withdrawals. The penalties doing so after 30 days before the event can be avoided with the "joker" rule, with a specific number of opportunities per federation.

One of the changes is related to the prohibited use of communication devices of any kind, including, among others, phones Mobile, Smart watches y radios during a competition. In addition, cameras, mobile cameras y video-cameras are prohibited unless the ITU grants permission.

No athlete can help another athlete in any part of the competition. This will result in both athletes being disqualified.

In 2018, a previous annual evaluation Participation (PPE) will be mandatory for all athletes competing in youth, junior, sub23, Elite and Paratriathlon events.

Losing the Breafing of the testa, could lead to a delay in the exit of the competition. including triathlon, for all categories. The delay will be determined by the distance of the event, in the same way as the applicable penalty time.

With respect to the clothes, the triathlon suits must be of textile material, while if an athlete decides to wear two hats in swimming, the second one must go without a mark. The official swimming cap must be on the outside

El procedure of appeals and complaints has been reviewed to improve its application in any type of competition and categories. The sanctions received for the violation of the drafting can not be appealed, while the rules have been clarified in relation to overtaking and dangerous driving.

El size of the list of participants has been revised for all levels of competitions and categories, with a general application of the reduction by five athletes, except in the Paratriathlon World Championships, where the field has been increased in 10 athletes. Meanwhile, the Open Paratriathlon as a separate category has been eliminated.

As previously announced, the various classification criteria have been revised. Some of the significant changes are that World Cups will not count towards the World Triathlon Series Ranking.

The old list of ITU points has been renamed ITU World Ranking, with all the levels of competitions counting for it, from the National Championships to the Grand Final.

The continental rankings will now be extracted from the ITU World Ranking.

The introduction of the Relay Mixed Ranking will classify the National Federations according to their results in the different levels of Mixed Relay events.

In addition to the Rules of Competition, the Paratriathlon Classification Rules have also been updated, with the participation of the Paratriathlon Committee, to ensure full compliance with the IPC directives.


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