Cameron Wurf will be at the Tour de Wallonie with INEOS

The Tour de Wallonie that starts today has 4 online stages

The Australian triathlete Cameron Wurf returns to competition in the Wallonie Tour in Belgium

Wurf, who has already participated with INEOS in several competitions, will be on the starting line with 6 colleagues.

4 days, 4 stages, 750 kilometers

The Tour de Wallonie, which starts today, is a 4-day competition with 4 online stages

2019, a great season for the trialteta

Last year Wurf participated in the IRONMAN World Championship from Hawaii where he finished in fifth position and has the cycling segment record in this test.

2019 was a great season as he achieved victory in the IRONMAN Australia and Italy with a record included. In Italy got a time of 7: 6: 54.


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